Mobile Automotive Detailing and Carwashing at Private Homes Considered

What should a mobile auto detailing company charge to clean and detail at private homes? Well, this is a common question I get from small business owners who run mobile detailing companies and generally my immediate response goes something like this; The prices will have to be your determination, but in your market you can go to competitors websites and ask neighbors and friends or call up a competitor.In fact, I am not sure I would use our prices, because we (The Detail Guys) are very high volume and it takes while to get to that level, you will need to modify your sales letters and consider your local market for pricing. Change the prices to what ever you think best. Do not sell yourself too short in the beginning if you start giving away your services you will be sorry later, because generally most of your business will come from word-of-mouth.Another way to get additional new customers is to try an ad in the Money Saver type direct mail coupon books? Skip the yellow pages unless you do a one-line listing and if you do. Then call yourself something like “@Home Mobile Detailing” for the phone book. If you already have a name then use two because it will show up ahead of everyone else. This is because Symbols come before numbers before alphabet is how the alphabetical listings work.Staying competitive at private homes is important but travel time between clients is key especially if you have labor on the unit. Everything MUST be scheduled out, if you try “Pizza delivery” type service you need small areas and highly concentrated, then you can go for price, shut out the competition, use alpha-numerical pagers for dispatch and rock and roll after you lock and load. But that is a whole other game plan? Is that what you are thinking?The best way to schedule it is;
Weekly Wash
Monthly hand wax
Once per quarter Detail
On an automatic Credit Card charge. In this case stack the clients close together and have minimums, because you still need to charge something if car is gone and you show up. Remember cars are mobile like you. I hope this article will help in 2007 and you can meet your quest to be the best.

Internet Marketing – 3 Profitable and Extremely Popular Niches to Pursue

Let’s talk about 3 sample Topics that are very profitable and can generate near-endless quantities of traffic.TOPIC #1: Learn to Play GuitarThe most popular instrument in North America, without question.And pretty much everyone sucks at it, which is why the guitar lesson industry is monstrous.You can use this simple fact to generate a boat-load of cash by promoting stuff like ClickBank’s “Jamorama” (or any other good-converting course/membership), or even by selling tangible goods through a Commission Junction (CJ) vendor.Here’s why:The reason why the Learn Guitar market is so hot is because this is a topic that is both “mass-market” AND targeted niche. One of the few niches with traffic levels on par with stuff like “ringtones” and gaming. Which is beyond huge.That, and the fact that there are multiple skill levels, song styles, disciplines, techniques and otherwise MARKETABLE, in-demand course material spanning literally thousands of different categories and subtopics.Not only that – and this is where I’m going with this – but the real reason guitar is profitable AND easy to mine traffic from is simply because there are so, so many types of TARGETED, SPECIFIC SUBTOPICS.Every single brand of every Guitar & guitar accessory is a profitable topic that will draw hyper-targeted visitors.Basically every song that has EVER been popular and has a nice guitar track will draw tons of traffic. Just think keywords like “learn to play [insert song here] on guitar”And in the same way – every “guitar” band (like Clapton, Dave Matthews, etc) are going to be topics with a lot of traffic.And then, obviously, there’s all the lesson-specific keywords like chord progressions, solo techniques, hammer-ons, etc. that will generate endless variations and long-tail keywords that you can go after with your content.In summary – this is a market that spends money on training, and there’s literally hundreds of thousands of viable sub-topics to create your site around.Just promote something like Jamorama prominently on each page, and get your site well-indexed in Google, and you are laughing.TOPIC #2: AutomotiveI don’t have to explain why this is both mass market and targeted, since that should be fairly self-explanatory.Basically everyone will lease, buy or sell a car in their lifetime.And in most cases – they’ll do this several times.Which means that at any given time, literally MILLIONS of people are looking for the following:* Car Reviews to help them make a purchase decision* Insurance quotes (which have lucrative CPA payouts for you)* Auto Loan Applications (ditto – huge CPA commissions)* Auto Parts (think about the average order size… even at 8% commissions, it really adds up)And so on.Now don’t think that it’s too “competitive” or saturated. It’s not.Especially not when you create content on a MODEL by MODEL basis of a specific car brand.For example – let’s say you build a site that focuses on getting insurance and financing for BMW’s. This means that if you do a quick “profile” of each model they’ve produced since the 80’s with vital facts and insurance/financing recommendations……you’ll be building 500+ pages.That’s a mega-site that would draw lots of targeted traffic.And you could just wash, rinse & repeat from one car brand to the next. (Just make sure your domains are generic or unique and don’t infringe on any trademarks).Same goes for auto-parts and so on.This is a HUGE, ultra-targeted market, and the path has been well-paved, but there’s a lot of room for additional affiliates.Once again, using a service like LinkVana to simply index and build authority for a targeted site in the automotive industry, you could create a phenomenal CPA income stream without much fanfare. (Check out for monetization ideas).Now, let’s talk about the final example…TOPIC #3: Dog TrainingWe all know someone who’s crazy about their dog. It dominates every conversation you have with them…But the reality is that there are millions of dog-crazed people out there who will go and buy a puppy, and then wonder what the heck they were thinking when it starts peeing and pooing all over their house.One more “accident” and Sparky goes bye-bye.So they go to Google, in search of some desperately-needed guidance…This market is massive, and it’s very passionate.On top of that – just like the other examples here – there is an ENDLESS amount of subtopics that will draw profitable traffic with ease:* Every individual dog breed* Specific products, training methods, etc.* Dog park locations* Dog kennel locationsAnd so on.It’s endless.This is very similar to the guitar niche in terms of traffic and the number of subtopics.So there you go.3 markets that have tons of easily accessible traffic and could keep you busy for several years…

Automotive Business – What Are Fuel Cell Membranes and Why Should I Care?

What are Fuel Cell Membranes and Why Should I care? Well first off, just in case you think things are not moving forward, that is not true, as the Donaldson Corporation is selling all the replacement and re-usable parts for Fuel Cells. Peruse this site and understand the nature of what is to come. Fuel Cells need clean air to run, therefore like a Diesel or Gasoline Engine they need air filters too. Contamination control is essential for safety of a fuel cell and also for proper efficiency. Los Alamos has been working on these and is almost at a major breakthrough.and if you are serious about the future market share you will want the Donaldson video available on their website too. Remember there are several things going on inside of a Fuel Cell to make exchange the energy. Chemical Reactions, which have a filtration process and heat exchanges, ion exchanges and exhaust components. All of which have monitoring needs and issues. Contaminants are not a real good idea in this sort of thing. And of course this is where the pedal hits the pavement and where the men are separated from the boys, there are training needs, customer needs and opportunity in the Chaos to come.Vehicles, which do not derive power from an internal combustion engine, will not require oil-changing services? Does this mean the oil change industry is dead? For some yes absolutely, they will perish and new innovative companies will take their place, such is the struggle of free markets and competition, for the rest there will be service items to take care of with fuel cells too. So then what can we expect to see in the next 12 years? A big change? Yes, it seems to be estimated that 35-45% of all vehicles in the US will be another form of hybrid propulsion. Namely it appears to be that Hydrogen Cells will take the place of much of what we know.There will be manufacturers and suppliers of these filters no doubt and companies like our will replace them. There are significant opportunities for companies in the Filter manufacturing business of ceramic filters and membranes. Will fuel cell service stations supply these parts at the counter of their C-stores? As a matter of fact the answer is yes, some will, while others will be a typical looking C-Store with gasoline stations, only with hydrogen with kiosks near ATM machines? How many brands will there be? Will auto manufacturers design many different models and will auto service businesses need to stock all the Fuel Cell Service items too? Today just stocking air filters can be a hardship with over 161 common types?Will these Fuel Cell Stations Be franchised? Who will be doing this? Will the Oil Companies see this and jump on the opportunity? Will Wal-Mart add Fuel Cell Card Lock stations at all their Sam’s Clubs? The future is predictable, most of this seems like obvious questions to answer. We feel we could answer most of these and be pretty close on target. Are the Futurists all they are cracked up to be? Or just realists-idealists and theorists?When you start seeing hydrogen fuel stations pop-up then you will see people buying those cars. Then you will see trucking companies investing in their own systems to haul along major freight lines, then you will see railroad try to run for lower fuel costs and heavier loads to compete, and thus you will see the ushering in a new age of transportation and form of distribution, cleaner air, water and more efficiency.Regarding filters for hydrogen cell? Honda is pushing their electric hybrids claiming no needed filters. However this might be a bit misleading to the general public who has knowledge of such technologies, these vehicles require other usable parts, and you can bet the Japanese want to sell you those reusable parts. The high heat may be use in conjunction with larger fuel cells in factories or grid generation and plasma torches to clean the areas of the filters, which may last several cycles longer or may have a plasma unit running continually to clean the particulate. Cars will have some obstacles because what is good for General Motors is good for America concept.Now realize brake fluids, windshield wiper blades, etc will still need servicing. But the days of the $24.99 Jiffy Lube oil change appear to be on their last decade. Not only because of price competitiveness of Wal-Mart, but also due to shifting technologies in oil intervals, additives and introduction of Hydrogen Cells. So you ask how hard is it to replace fuel cell filters? Very easy. And take a look at these sexy little anodized fuel cell filters. Small and expensive. About $35.00 and even the fuel sending units are considered replaceable parts, yep $80.00, not cheap. But remember for an industry still in its infancy, these are not bad.Just because your auto repair business is without a future, does not mean a little adaptation cannot keep you in business for another 40 years.