Mobile Automotive Detailing and Carwashing at Private Homes Considered

What should a mobile auto detailing company charge to clean and detail at private homes? Well, this is a common question I get from small business owners who run mobile detailing companies and generally my immediate response goes something like this; The prices will have to be your determination, but in your market you can go to competitors websites and ask neighbors and friends or call up a competitor.In fact, I am not sure I would use our prices, because we (The Detail Guys) are very high volume and it takes while to get to that level, you will need to modify your sales letters and consider your local market for pricing. Change the prices to what ever you think best. Do not sell yourself too short in the beginning if you start giving away your services you will be sorry later, because generally most of your business will come from word-of-mouth.Another way to get additional new customers is to try an ad in the Money Saver type direct mail coupon books? Skip the yellow pages unless you do a one-line listing and if you do. Then call yourself something like “@Home Mobile Detailing” for the phone book. If you already have a name then use two because it will show up ahead of everyone else. This is because Symbols come before numbers before alphabet is how the alphabetical listings work.Staying competitive at private homes is important but travel time between clients is key especially if you have labor on the unit. Everything MUST be scheduled out, if you try “Pizza delivery” type service you need small areas and highly concentrated, then you can go for price, shut out the competition, use alpha-numerical pagers for dispatch and rock and roll after you lock and load. But that is a whole other game plan? Is that what you are thinking?The best way to schedule it is;
Weekly Wash
Monthly hand wax
Once per quarter Detail
On an automatic Credit Card charge. In this case stack the clients close together and have minimums, because you still need to charge something if car is gone and you show up. Remember cars are mobile like you. I hope this article will help in 2007 and you can meet your quest to be the best.